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2013 has been declared the “Year of Italian Culture in the United States.

As part of this special initiative, planned and partially funded by the Italian government, the Italian Consulate General in San Francisco and the Italian Cultural Institute have drawn up an exciting master plan of events for the San Francisco Bay Area.

These events will present Italian culture to the American public not only in its traditional historical and artistic legacy, but also in its most dynamic and modern forms that Italians, Italian-Americans and Italo-philes can leverage to promote economic and technological ties between Italy and the US, as well to renew Italian pride within the Italian-American community in the US at large.

In San Francisco and in the Bay Area, Italian culture is being showcased at its best in Arts, Music, Theater, Architectural Heritage, Cinema, Literature and Language. Programs are also focused on the aspects of Italian contemporary life that are shaping global cultural trends worldwide: Design, Fashion, Food, Modern Education, Sports, Sustainability, Technology and Innovation. Check out our program.

Our program of events offers an exciting and diverse selection of Corporate Partnership opportunities. It also also gives people with a passion for Italy the chance to become leaders in this historic San Francisco-Bay Area Year cultural celebration.

  • Companies can take this unique opportunity —questa grande opportunità as Italians say— to associate their brands with Italy’s unique artistic legacy and with its modern life-style. We have designed events to give your company the maximum return on investment. Whether your goal is marketing visibility, building brand awareness or providing once-in-a-lifetime client entertainment opportunities, these events are guaranteed to leave a lasting brand impact.


Message from Consul General of Italy Mauro Battocchi

List of 2013 Honorary Cultural Ambassadors


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